Mirror Lake

by aiden

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short, honest and quiet

all analog recording

cover art is temporary, will think of something better


released August 15, 2013

Written and recorded by Aiden on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder.

Photo Credit to Grim

Special thanks to Stewart for the 4-track

Sorry A



all rights reserved


aiden New York, New York

Aiden Berglund writes songs and plays them into a microphone, or plugs keyboards into computers, depending on which album you listen to.

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Track Name: This Too Shall Pass
First pick up everything you threw out,
put it some place that's safe and sound,
try to forget all about,
it's all behind you now.

All that matters is that you'll work it out.

Sidewalks will bend,
you'll fall and then,
you'll get up,

Footprints in grass,
try to relax,
and know this too shall pass.
Track Name: Round-Trip Ticket
You would be surprised how much a round-trip ticket could change.
She might have lied, but you could see it in her eyes, there was pain.
So as the kids they fell and cried, and walk through the turn-style it became the point in their lives, where nothing would ever be the same.

So they lived alone, and the city became their home once again.
And he lived over-seas, with the rest of his family, again.
The older understood what the younger never could, such a shame.
Well they played it well. They played it just like it was a game.

Just a game.
Track Name: Carroll St.
When the two people you trust hide behind your back,
well I'm not going to argue, I have no patience for that.

And the mazes of ideas that fall through the holes of my head,
well I'm too sick to navigate the meaning of what you just said.

But don't get me wrong, I had many wonderful times.
That added up to her(full) circles of half unconscious lies.

But now those sentiments kill me, like silence killed us all.
I'm so glad that you understand each other like no one understands at all.

I took a walk down Carroll Street.
That's where we both know you would be.
Now when I pass by it haunts me.
That house is a box of memories.

It costs communal collections of crumpled up five dollar bills,
to completely eliminate al senses and power of will.

But it costs totals of nothing, nothing at all.
To destroy somebody's confidence to the point of no withdrawal.

I commend you for doing such a fine and thorough job.
And though I don't see you anymore, the torture well it does not stop.

Well I will let you go now, let you carry on.
I won't bother you anymore, you can thank yourselves 'cause I'll soon be gone.
Track Name: Ouroboros
Reach the point where you have what you want.
Altogether it might be gone.

See it right ahead from where you stand.
Touch it if you could extend your hand.

Oh it bores us.

Furniture like in magazines.
Utopia meets OCD.

A perfect place for total peace of mind.
Here we're living ideal all the time.

Oh it bores us.
Track Name: Sixty
Holding her head back over the kitchen sink.
Said "why do you help me?"
Well why do you think.

Nearly unconscious, lying on the floor.
I can only take so much, and I can't take any more.

"I'll be alright, and I'll just go home"
Well I'll take you there, to stay, alone.

Street lights are flashing and there's no point in asking now which way I I'll go.
Cause I don't feel like talking, and you're not responding.
I guess I'm best on my own.
Track Name: The Journey Matters/Nature Song
We don't realize that we have it easy.
Somewhere we mix up and forget it all.
Count down to count on a life that is stationary.
Basing truths on hopes where we may fall.

You have a family that loves you well.
And friends that listen to what you have to tell.
Yet you avoid them for solitude as well,
as damning your body for a place that's worse than Hell.

So go ahead and inject into your blood,
everything you hate, and everything you love.

Somewhere you will find, after all these wasted hours,
it's the journey not the destination that really matters.

Nature gives you everything you need to enjoy existence, naturally at ease.
So why make it harder, more dangerous to survive?
Is having control that important?

So go ahead and inject into your blood,
everything you hate, and everything you love.

Somewhere you will find, after all these wasted hours,
it's the journey not the destination that really matters.